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Smiley Burnette - Official Web Site

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Smiley Burnette - Offical Web Site Tour our web site devoted to the lovable cowboy sidekick, actor, performer, composer, and musician known as ...
Smiley Burnette

Smiley Burnette Interprises

Web site to promote and release the works of new Country Western Singers, allowing performers an avenue in which to display their talents...

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Our library of works by performers associated with ©Smiley Burnette Interprises, including "Old Frog" himself, Smiley Burnette.


Here are a few Personal Pages we proudly link:

Stephen Smiley Burnette
Actor, Stuntman, Motion Picture Set Painter, Sign Writer and eldest son of the great Smiley Burnette. 

Jerry L. Wilson
Creative Producer / Director for Entertainers and New Talent / Radio Personality on WNWZ-AM (1520)/WTBG-FM (95.3), Brownsville TN

Barry Wexler
   Key Grip & Writer

Recent Acknowledgements And Our Thanks To:

Jack Tiggleman
of Zeeland, Michigan
For Donating a Rancho Records 78rpm recording of
"Polka Dot Girl / Stingy"


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Smiley's son, Stephen, sez's:  "If you are seeking information about my Dad, Smiley Burnette, I would suggest you not purchase the new book published by Empire Publishing, Inc. titled "Smiley Burnette, We know him as Frog", and authored by Bobby J. Copeland and Richard B. Smith, III. This will save you at least $18. The authors of this book have many dates, quotes, many third hand quotes, and other supposed facts very incorrect. I nor my daughter were contacted about using my Dad's name and likeness ("The name, Smiley Burnette, is a copyright name"), let alone to collaborate their story about Dad."

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This site now includes a passel of Video Clips showing Smiley Burnette performing songs from some of his moivies. Link

Back by popular demand... this site now includes a nice selection of music performed by the man himself, Smiley Burnette.

Samples Of Smiley's Music

Smiley's Children Classics Collection

In case you missed Smiley's Song Books, here is a link that will take you to them.  Fans of Smiley's music and songs have been inquiring, so here is where they are on our web site. Link
Added a link to Brian Burrows' B & B Performance Horses and Movie Ranch Link
Added the unreleased songs "Steam, Cinders, and Smoke" and "Clickity Clack" to our RanchORecords® site.  They're in MP3 format, so give them a listen. Link
We have recently acquired the domain name Link

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