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Smiley Burnette's Music

In order to give you a taste of Smiley's varied musical ability, we would like to present the following selections of his work.

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His Music

Broomstick Buckaroo
Catfish, Take A Look At That Worm
Deep Froggy Blues
Grand'pa Frog
Hominy Grits
It's My Lazy Day
Lilac Lane
Li'l Indian
Mama Don't Allow It
No Kids & Prairie Dog Lament
Old Fishin' Pole
Peg Leg Jack
Ramblin' Blood
Smart Alec Crow
Swiss Boy
That's All, Brother, That's All
Thievin' Burro
Way Down Low


His Stage Comedy
(Recorded Live In Fort Worth, Texas By Stephen Smiley Burnette)

Live Stage Comedy 1    
Live Stage Comedy 2



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