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Walk of Fame Ceremony - May 22, 1986

John S. Burnette  -  Elizabeth BurnetteOn Thursday, May 22, 1986, Smiley Burnette was posthumously honored with the placing of his star on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The ceremony took place at 12:30 p.m.  Smiley's Star was placed at 6125 Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the Pep Boys Store.

Mr. Johnny Grant, Honorary Mayor of Hollywood and Chairman of the Walk of Fame Committee served as the Master of Ceremonies.  Mr. Bill Welsh, President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (the sponsoring organization of the Walk of Fame) officiated.

In attendance were Western Stars including Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, Jock Mahoney, and Iron Eyes Cody.  Also in attendance were Mrs. Jackie Autry, Gene Bear (CSUN Radio Station), and Lieutenant Booth Shaw (LAPD).

Gene Autry's love and friendship with Smiley, which began in December 1933, continued well beyond Smiley's passing.  Gene was instrumental in having this great honor bestowed upon Smiley and Smiley's family.

Smiley and Dallas Burnette had four children, all adopted from Tennessee.  Linda, the oldest daughter, and Stephen, the oldest son, were in attendance and accepted the Walk of Fame Star for their father.  Stephen's son and daughter, John and Elizabeth Burnette, as well as Michael and Laura Myers, Linda (Burnette) Myers' children, were also present.  They all proudly looked on as the star honoring their Grandfather was unveiled.  During the ceremony Stephen and Linda presented Gene Autry the Walk of Fame Star plaque in gratitude for all his support and friendship through the years.  Linda (Burnette) Myers has since passed from us (April 17, 1938 - December 1, 2003).

The Walk of Fame Star honored Smiley's achievements in the movie industry.  Smiley played his lovable character "Frog Millhouse" along side Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Sunset Carson, Bob Livingston, and Eddie Dew. He then played himself "Smiley Burnette", starring alongside Charles Starrett in the Durango Kid films series.  During this time period, Smiley was distinguished as the only western comedy sidekick performer to make the top ten western favorites listing in the annual "Motion Picture Herald Poll", which was voted on by theatre exhibitors.  In fact, in 1942, he was voted one of the top-ten moneymaking stars in the "Motion Picture Herald Fame Poll".  Smiley remained number three in this poll for many years.  This is a distinction no other actor playing a sidekick type role had ever achieved and stands even today.

Smiley left us in February 1967.  At the time, he was once again playing a warm, friendly character, "Charley Pratt", the Engineer of the Cannonball on "Petticoat Junction".  To this day, if someone does not remember "Frog", just mention "Charley Pratt" the Engineer of the "Hooterville Cannonball", and watch the eyes light up.
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