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Smiley Burnette's Motion Pictures
Year # Movie Title Smiley Burnette Songs Featured Lobby Card Co-Star(s) Studio Type
1934 1 In Old Santa Fe Mama Don't Allow No Music Played in Here

Somewhere In Wyoming

  Ken Maynard Mascot  
2 Mystery Mountain     Ken Maynard Mascot  
1935 3 The Phantom Empire Uncle Noah's Ark

Uncle Henry's Vacation

I'm Oscar--I'm Pete

I'm Getting a Moon's Eye View of the World

  Gene Autry Mascot Serial
4 Harmony Lane     Douglas Montgomery - Evelyn Venable Mascot  
5 The Adventures of Rex and Rinty     Rin Tin Tin and Rex Mascot Serial
6 Tumbling Tumbleweeds Corn Fed and Rusty

Ridin' Down the Canyon

Cowboy Medicine Show

Tumbling Tumbleweeds - 1935 Gene Autry Republic  
7 Streamline Express     Victor Jory - Evelyn Venable Mascot  
8 Waterfront Lady   Waterfront Lady - 1935 Ann Rutherford - Barbara Pepper Mascot  
9 $1,000.00 a Minute     Roger Pryor Republic  
10 Melody Trail Hold On, Little Doggies, Hold On

Lone Cowboy on the Lone Prairie

On the Melody Trail

Western Lullaby

Way Down on the Bottom

My Neighbor Hates Music

I'd Love to Wed

  Gene Autry Republic  
11 Sagebrush Troubadour I'd Love a Home in the Mountains

Hurdy Gurdy Man

Lookin' for the Lost Chord

  Gene Autry Republic  
12 The Singing Vagabond Wagon Train

Friends of the Prairie, Farewell

  Gene Autry Republic  
13 Hitch-Hike Lady     Alison Skipworth - Mae Clarke Republic  
1936 14 Red River Valley Fetch Me Down My Trusty .45   Gene Autry Republic  
15 Doughnuts and Society     Louise Fazenda - Maude Eburne Mascot  
16 The Vigilantes are Coming     Bob Livingston Republic Serial
17 Comin' Round the Mountain King of the Matador's Comin' Round the Mountain - 1936 Gene Autry Republic  
18 The Singing Cowboy Rainbow Trail

My Dear Old Saddle Pal


The Singing Cowboy - 1936 Gene Autry Republic  
19 The Border Patrolman     George O'Brien - Polly Ann You 20th Century/Fox  
20 Hearts in Bondage     Mae Clarke - James Dunn Republic  
21 Guns and Guitars Cowboy Medicine Show

I've got fine Relations

  Gene Autry Republic  
22 The Undersea Kingdom     Ray "Crash" Corrigan Republic Serial
23 Oh, Susanna!   Oh, Susanna! - 1936 Gene Autry Republic  
24 Ride, Ranger, Ride I'm Doomed to Follow the Bugle   Gene Autry Republic  
25 The Big Show     Gene Autry Republic  
26 The Old Corral     Gene Autry Republic  
1937 27 A Man Betrayed     Eddie Nugent - Kay Hughes Republic  
28 Larceny on the Air     Bob Livingston - Grace Bradley - Guy Madison Republic  
29 Round-up Time in Texas Uncle Noah's Ark   Gene Autry Republic  
30 Git Along Little Dogies     Gene Autry Republic  
31 Dick Tracy     Ralph Byrd - Kay Hughes Republic Serial
32 Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm   Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm - 1937 Gene Autry Republic  
33 Yodelin' Kid From Pine Ridge     Gene Autry Republic  
34 Meet the Boy Friend     David Carlyle - Carol Hughes Republic  
35 Public Cowboy Number One     Gene Autry Republic  
36 Boots and Saddles Dusty Roads

Ridin' All Day

Boots and Saddles - 1937 Gene Autry Republic  
37 Manhattan merry-go-round     Leo Carrillo - All Star Cast Republic  
38 Springtime in the Rockies Way Down Low Springtime in the Rockies - 1937 Gene Autry Republic  
1938 39 The Old Barn Dance At the Old Barn Dance

Let's Go Roamin' Around the Range

Rocky Mountain Rose I Can't Forget You

The Old Barn Dance - 1938 Gene Autry Republic  
40 Hollywood Stadium Mystery     Neil Hamilton - Barbara Pepper Republic  
41 Under Western Stars     Roy Rogers Republic  
42 Gold Mine in the Sky That's How Donkeys Were Born

I'm a Tumbleweed Tenor (With a Baritone Soul)

Gold Mine in the Sky - 1938 Gene Autry Republic  
43 Man From Music Mountain All Nice People

She Works Third Tub at the Laundry

  Gene Autry Republic  
44 Billy The Kid Returns Sing a little song about anything   Roy Rogers Republic  
45 Prairie Moon     Gene Autry Republic  
46 Rhythm of the Saddle     Gene Autry Republic  
47 Western Jamboree     Gene Autry Republic  
1939 48 Home on the Prairie There's Nothin Like Work   Gene Autry Republic  
49 Mexicali Rose My Orchestra's Drivin' Me Crazy Mexicali Rose - 1939 Gene Autry Republic  
50 Blue Montana Skies   Blue Montana Skies - 1939 Gene Autry Republic  
51 Mountain Rhythm   Mountain Rhythm - 1939 Gene Autry Republic  
52 Colorado Sunset Cowboys Don't Milk Cows   Gene Autry Republic  
53 In Old Monterey     Gene Autry Republic  
54 Rovin' Tumbleweeds     Gene Autry Republic  
55 South of the Border Fat Caballero   Gene Autry Republic  
1940 56 Rancho Grande You Can Take the Boy out of the Country (But you can't Take the Country out of the Boy) Rancho Grande - 1940 Gene Autry Republic  
57 Gaucho Serenade Kitty McFooty Gaucho Serenade - 1940 Gene Autry Republic  
58 Carolina Moon   Carolina Moon - 1940 Gene Autry Republic  
59 Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride     Gene Autry Republic  
1941 60 Ridin' on a Rainbow     Gene Autry Republic  
61 Back in the Saddle   Back in the Saddle - 1941 Gene Autry Republic  
62 The Singing Hill     Gene Autry Republic  
63 Sunset in Wyoming Twenty Long Years Sunset in Wyoming - 1941 Gene Autry Republic  
64 Under Fiesta Stars   Under Fiesta Stars - 1941 Gene Autry Republic  
65 Down Mexico Way     Gene Autry Republic  
66 Sierra Sue   Sierra Sue - 1941 Gene Autry Republic  
1942 67 Cowboy Serenade     Gene Autry Republic  
68 Heart of the Rio Grande Woe is Me   Gene Autry Republic  
69 Home in Wyomin'     Gene Autry Republic  
70 Stardust on the Sage   Stardust on the Sage - 1942 Gene Autry Republic  
71 Call of the Canyon   Call of the Canyon - 1942 Gene Autry Republic  
72 Bells of Capistrano   Bells of Capistrano - 1942 Gene Autry Republic  
73 Heart of the Golden West     Roy Rogers Republic  
1943 74 Idaho     Roy Rogers Republic  
75 King of the Cowboys     Roy Rogers Republic  
76 Silver Spurs     Roy Rogers Republic  
77 Raiders of Sunset Pass Who'd A-Thunk it?   Eddie Dew Republic  
78 Beyond the Last Frontier Peg Leg Bandit   Eddie Dew - Robert Mitchum Republic  
1944 79 Pride of the Plains   Pride of the Plains - 1944 Bob Livingston Republic  
80 Beneath Western Skies   Beneath Western Skies - 1944 Bob Livingston Republic  
81 Laramie Trail He Was a Travelin' Man Laramie Trail - 1944 Bob Livingston Republic  
82 Call of the Rockies     Harry Woods - Sunset Carson Republic  
83 Bordertown Trail It's My Lazy Day Bordertown Trail - 1944 Weldon Hayburn - Sunset Carson Republic  
84 Code of the Prairie They Won't Pay Me   Roy Barcroft - Sunset Carson Republic  
85 Firebrands of Arizona     Earle Hodgins - Sunset Carson Republic  
1946 86 Roaring Rangers Ten Gallon Hat

Lazy Daily Dozin

Roaring Rangers - 1946 Charles Starrett Columbia  
87 Gunning for Vengeance Hominy Grits

Smithy' A Liar

Twenty Long Years

Gunning for Vengeance - 1946 Charles Starrett Columbia  
88 Galloping Thunder The Wind Sings a Cowboy Song

Fife Song

Getting' Some Sleep

Galloping Thunder - 1946 Charles Starrett Columbia  
89 Two-Fisted Stranger Trombone Song   Charles Starrett Columbia  
90 Desert Horseman Ring the Bell Desert Horseman - 1946 Charles Starrett Columbia  
91 Heading West Scairdy-Cat Blues

Ice Cream Freezer

Heading West - 1946 Charles Starrett Columbia  
92 Landrush The Dentist Song

Don't Be Mad At Me

Landrush - 1946 Charles Starrett Columbia  
93 Terror Trail Peg Leg Bandit

Way Down Low

Terror Trail - 1946 Charles Starrett Columbia  
94 Fighting Frontiersman Swamp Woman Blues

Don't Be Mad at Me

Coyote Song

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
1947 95 South of the Chisholm Trail I'd Make a Hit with You

Get the Sillies

King of Pain

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
96 The Lone Hand Texan Smart Alec Crow

They Never say "I Love You' On a Postcard

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
97 West of Dodge City The Courtin' Cricket

Can't Cry for Laughin'

West of Dodge City - 1947 Charles Starrett Columbia  
98 Law of the Canyon My Luck   Charles Starrett Columbia  
99 Prairie Raiders The Thievin' Burro


Prairie Raiders - 1947 Charles Starrett Columbia  
100 Stranger From Ponca City Catfish, Take A Look at That Worm

If He can do it, I can do it

Stranger From Ponca City - 1947 Charles Starrett Columbia  
101 Riders of the Lone Star Grandpa Frog

Prairie Dog Lament

Riders of the Lone Star - 1947 Charles Starrett Columbia  
102 Buckaroo From Powder River Sure Sounds Good to Me

Cecil Could See What He Wanted to See

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
103 Last Days of Boot Hill Giddyap, Jericho

Inside Looking Out

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
1948 104 Six-Gun Law Boss of the Town" Six-Gun Law - 1948 Charles Starrett Columbia  
105 Phantom Valley The Saw Song   Charles Starrett Columbia  
106 West of Sonora Li'l Injun

I Ain't Gonna Do Tomorrow What I Didn't Get Done Today

West of Sonora - 1948 Charles Starrett Columbia  
107 Whirlwind Raiders Lookin' Poor But Feelin' Rich

Fiddlin' Fool

Whirlwind Raiders - 1948 Charles Starrett Columbia  
108 Blazing Across the Pecos It Ain't Much Help

That's All, Brother, That's All

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
109 Trail of Laredo It's My Turn

Swiss Boy

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
110 Quick on the Trigger Horse Walkin' Rhythm

Bugle Boy

Quick on the Trigger - 1948 Charles Starrett Columbia  
111 El Dorado Pass Black Black

Jack of all Trades

El Dorado Pass - 1948 Charles Starrett Columbia  
1949 112 Challenge of the Range My Home Town

I Kin Dance

Challenge of the Range - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
113 The Blazing Trail You Put Me On My Feet When you took Her off My Hands

Extra Extra

The Blazing Trail - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
114 South of Death Valley When You Go

Ever Lovin' Marshal

South of Death Valley - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
115 Horseman of the Sierras No Kids

Tonight's My Night to Howl

Horseman of the Sierras - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
116 Bandits of El Dorado The Tricky Senor

The Rich Get Richer

Bandits of El Dorado - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
117 Renegades of the Sage Pussy Foot

Let Me Sleep

Renegades of the Sage - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
118 Frontier Outpost Twister

Live to Eat

Frontier Outpost - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
119 Laramie Happy Cobbler

Who Don't

Laramie - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
120 Desert Vigilante It Can't Be As Bad As That

Rolling Stone

Desert Vigilante - 1949 Charles Starrett Columbia  
1950 121 Trail of the Rustlers I Wish That I'd Said That

Shoot Me Dead For That One

I Should Say

Trail of the Rustlers - 1950 Charles Starrett Columbia  
122 The Outcast of Black Mesa Donkey Engine

Nobody Fires The Boss

The Outcast of Black Mesa - 1950 Charles Starrett Columbia  
123 Texas Dynamo Kitty Loved The Calliope

Fickle Finger of Fate

Texas Dynamo - 1950 Charles Starrett Columbia  
124 Streets of Ghost Town   Streets of Ghost Town - 1950 Charles Starrett Columbia  
125 Across the Badlands Harmonica Bill

I'm Tellin' Myself I'm Not Afraid

Across the Badlands - 1950 Charles Starrett Columbia  
126 Raiders of Tomahawk Creek I'm Too Smart For That

Grasshopper Polka

Raiders of Tomahawk Creek - 1950 Charles Starrett Columbia  
127 Lightning Guns Bathtub Song

Ramblin' Blood In My Veins

Lightning Guns -1950 Charles Starrett Columbia  
1951 128 Prairie Round-up Deep Froggy Blues

Snack Happy

Prairie Round-up - 1951 Charles Starrett Columbia  
129 Ridin' the Outlaw Trail I'm A Sucker For A Bargain Ridin' the Outlaw Trail - 1951 Charles Starrett Columbia  
130 Fort Savage Raiders Full Steam Ahead Fort Savage Raiders - 1951 Charles Starrett Columbia  
131 Snake River Desperadoes Brass Band Polka Snake River Desperadoes - 1951 Charles Starrett Columbia  
132 Bonanza Town It All Goes To Show Ya

Rootie Toot

Bonanza Town - 1951 Charles Starrett Columbia  
133 Whirlwind   Whirlwind - 1951 Gene Autry Columbia  
134 Cyclone Fury The Wind Sings A Cowboy Song

Getting' Some Sleep

Cyclone Fury - 1951 Charles Starrett Columbia  
135 The Kid from Amarillo The Great Brunette From Chihuahua   Charles Starrett Columbia  
136 Pecos River     Charles Starrett Columbia  
1952 137 Smoky Canyon Day Dream Lariat

It's Got to Get Better Before It Gets Worse

  Charles Starrett Columbia  
138 The Hawk of the Wild River Chief Pocatello From the Cherokees

Pedro Enchilada

The Hawk of the Wild River - 1952 Charles Starrett Columbia  
139 Laramie Mountains Sloop Sloop Sloop   Charles Starrett Columbia  
140 The Rough and Tough West The Fire of "41   Charles Starrett Columbia  
141 Junction City Li'l Injun Junction City - 1952 Charles Starrett Columbia  
142 The Kid from Broken Gun It's the Law The Kid from Broken Gun - 1952 Charles Starrett Columbia  
1953 143 Winning of the West Five Minutes Late & A Dollar Short

Fetch Me Down My Trusty .45

Winning of the West - 1953 Gene Autry Columbia  
144 On Top of Old Smoky I Saw Her First   Gene Autry Columbia  
145 Goldtown Ghost Riders The Thieving Burro   Gene Autry Columbia  
146 Pack Train Hominy Grits

Wagon Train

Pack Train - 1953 Gene Autry Columbia  
147 Saginaw Trail Mam'selle Saginaw Trail - 1953 Gene Autry Columbia  
148 Last of the Pony Riders     Gene Autry Columbia  
1954 149 Panhandle Territory     Jock Mahoney (Never released). Columbia  
1950's   Marshall of Gunsight Pass     Eddie Dean (Weekly TV series "live") TV-KTLA  
1960's   Mickey Mouse Club     Mouse Ketters Disney  
1963 to 1967   Petticoat Junction       General Studios / Filmways  
  Green Acres       General Studios / Filmways  

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