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This is the official web site dedicated to the memory and works of
Lester Alvin Burnett
known to the world as

Star of Movies, Records, Radio, and TV

Welcome to the Smiley Burnette Web Site.  Smiley's love of life and family has touched many, and now that love is being returned to him.  This site is my labor of love.  I dedicate the site to my Grandfather "Smiley Burnette".  Also to the wonderful legacy that he left not only to me, but all his family, fans, and friends.  It is my gift to all, but especially to my children and the generations to come.

Thank you, Dad.  Couldn't have done this without you sharing all your memories and insight!

                                                                           With fond memories,
                                                                                        Elizabeth Burnette

With grateful acknowledgement to my Dad!

                                                                           Stephen Smiley Burnette
                                                                           (Son of Smiley Burnette)

My sincere appreciation to Elizabeth for allowing me the privilege of working along side her in accomplishing her dream with this wonderful web site.  Liz, you have given me wonderful freedom in expressing your thoughts and displaying items of Smiley.  I know your Grandfather is smiling down on you.

Thank you to both Elizabeth and Stephen, for making me a part of their lives, and allowing my talents to be utilized on the web site and other business ventures.

Dreams do come true!

D.A. Eaton

To be sure, there are other sites with articles and memorabilia, but please check with us as to accuracy and content before releasing any of the information you find on those sites. Thank you,
                                                                                        Elizabeth Burnette

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Copyright ©1999-2094 ~ Smiley Burnette Interprises ~ All Rights Reserved

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