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Stephen Smiley Burnette has been asked by any number of people to expound on himself.  So he felt it time to let us all in on a part of his life.  He is the eldest son of Smiley Burnette, and followed in his father’s footsteps in many ways.  Stephen became an integral part of his father’s touring show.  He was his father’s idea man, and did the set up of the shows, publicity, transportation, tour mapping and anything else needed to make his father’s tours successful.

Stephen is currently between engagements.  As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, he is awaiting a studio call to return to acting.  He is giving himself the time and latitude to also pursue appearing at Film and Western Festivals on behalf of his father and himself.

Stephen spent 16 years as a member of LOCAL 729, Motion Picture Set Painter and Sign Writer, working for various Productions.  Stephen entered the movie business as a child.  Smiley would place Stephen in scenes of Westerns that he was working on.  Stephen became an Actor and Stuntman in 1963 and remained in front of the camera and Production until 1989.  At this point, he felt it wise to retire from stunt work.  He had not broken any bones nor had any major accidents, so felt it was time to step away.  Stephen and four other men set up the Universal Stunt Show, which is still currently being performed at Universal Studio Tours.

He and his partners are currently carrying on his Father’s works and dreams in the music world through ©Smiley Burnette Interprises and RanchORecords®.

Stephen is now living in Brownsville, Tennessee.

New Limited Release from RanchORecords®

Smiley Burnette

can now be heard singing his own musical compositions in his unique style on CD.  Available at Film, Poetry, and Western Festivals where

Stephen Smiley Burnette
appears in person.

Requests can be made through the
Smiley Burnette Web Site

Stephen S. Burnette, Back in the Saddle

Stephen - Checking His Rigging

Below is a partial listing of Stephen Smiley Burnette’s Film and Television appearances:


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-#-    -   -   -   -    Top
12 O'clock High
4 For Texas
48 Hours
6 Million Dollar Man

-A-    -   -   -   -    Top
A-Team, The
A Gift of Love
A Time for Killing
Adam 12
Adams Family
Air Wolf
Airplane II
Alias Smith and Jones
All the President's Men
Amelia Airhart
Amityville Horror Show
Amos Burke, Secret Agent
Android Man, The
Andy Griffith Show, The
Apocalypses Now
Apollo XIII
Apple Dumpling Gang, The
Around the World in 80 Days
Attack on Terror (KKK)
Auntie Mame

-B-    -   -   -   -    Top
Badge 714
Bah Bah Black Sheep
Batman (TV Series)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes
Battlestar Galactica
Beau Jes
Beauty and the Beast
Bees, The
Bell Boy
Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Beretta 70's
Beverly Hillbillies
Big Bus, The
Big Foot (Sheriff)
Big Valley, The
Billy Jack
Billy Jack Goes to Washington
Bionic Woman
BJ and the Bear
Black Beauty
Black Dalia
Blazing Saddles
Blue Knight
Blue Thunder (1983)
Blues Brothers
Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater
Bob Newhart Show, The
Bonnie and Clyde 1967
Bozo the Clown
Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Brides, The
Buck Rogers
Bullwhip Griffin
Burke's Law
Bus, The

-C-    -   -   -   -    Top
Calendar Girl Murders (1984)
Capricorn One
Case of the Hillside Strangler, The
Charlie's Angels
Cheech and Chong's Next Movie
Cheyenne Autumn
Cheyenne Social Club, The (1970)
Cimarron Strip or Cimarron
Circus, Circus
Close Encounter of the Third Kind
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
Cosby Show
Cover Girl
Crooked Man

-D-    -   -   -   -    Top
Daniel Boone
Death Valley Days
Deer Hunter, The
Desert Fox
Dir. John Huston
Dirty Dancing
Dirty Harry
Doberman Gang
Double Feature
Doyle O'Dell Show
Dr. Kildare
Dragnet "The Movie"
Drivers License
Duchess and the Dirt Water Fox (1976)
Dukes of Hazard
Durango Kid Movies

-E-    -   -   -   -    Top
Earthquake 3
Easy Come, Easy Go
Escape From the Planet of the Apes
Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid Too Ask
Exorcist, The

-F-    -   -   -   -    Top
Family Jewels, The
Fantasy Island
Fatal Vision
Flight 409
From Here to Eternity
Front Page
Funny Girl
Funny Lady

-G-    -   -   -   -    Top
Gauntlet, The
Gene Autry Movies
Get Smart
Ghost Dad
Gilligan's Island
Godfather, The
Godfather Part II, The
Goliath Awaits (1981)
Grease 2
Great Gatsby, The
Great Waldo Pepper, The
Green Acres
Green Hornet
Grizzly Adams
Gunfight in Abilene (1967)

-H-    -   -   -   -    Top
Hallelujah Trail
Hang em' High
Hanging with Mr. Cooper
Happy Days
Hart to Hart
Hello Dolly
Helter Skelter
Hero's, The
High Chappell
High Pockets
Highway to Heaven
Hill Street Blues
Hogan's Heroes
Hollywood Wives (1985)
Honey West
Honor Thy Father
Hot Pursuit
How the West Was Won

-I-    -   -   -   -    Top
I Married a Witch
I Spy
In the Heat of the Night
Incredible Hulk, The
Iron Horse, The
Iron Man
It Takes a Thief

-J-    -   -   -   -    Top
Jerk, The
Jerry Van Dyke Show
Joe Kidd
Julia Prouse Show

-K-    -   -   -   -    Top
Killing Fields, The (1984)
King Kong
King Rat
Knight Rider
Knot's Landing
Kung Fu
Kung Fu "The Movie"

-L-    -   -   -   -    Top
Lavern and Shirley
Leave it to Beaver
Legal Eagles
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon II
License to Drive
Little House on the Prairie
Lizzie Borden
Logan's Run
Lonesome Dove
Long Riders, The
Lost in Space
Lou Grant
Love Boat
Love Boat, The
Love Bug
Love Bug II
Lunch Wagon

-M-    -   -   -   -    Top
MacMillan and Wife
Made to Order (1987)
Magician, The
Main Event, The
Major Dad
Makinas Gold
Mame (L. Ball 1977)
Man from U.N.C.L.E., The
Mash (#324, Ml9 & #l20)
McHales Navy
Melody Ranch
Melody Round-Up
Mike Carter
Mike Hammer
Mission Impossible
Mississippi Burning
Mod Squad, The
Money Pit, The
Monty Montana Show
Mother, Jugs and Speed
Mr. Ed
Mulligan's Stew
Munsters, The
Murder in Texas
Murder She Wrote
Murphy Brown

-N-    -   -   -   -    Top
N.Y.P.D. Blue
Nelson Family, The
New Maverick, The
Newhart Show, The
Nice Guys Finish Last
Night of the Grizzly
Nightmare on Sunday Morning
North & South

-O-    -   -   -   -    Top
Odd Couple, The
Oh God
Oh God II
Oklahoma City Dolls
Once Upon a Time in America
Outlaw Years, The

-P-    -   -   -   -    Top
Paint Your Wagon
Parallax View, The
Patten Place
Patty Duke Show, The
Perry Mason
Petticoat Junction
Phantom (Feature)
Planet of the Apes
Police Academy
Police Academy II
Police Academy III
Police Squad
Police Story
Police Woman
Polly Anna
Popcorn Kid
Private Benjamin
Purple Hearts

-Q-    -   -   -   -    Top
Quick Gun, The (1964)
Quincy, M.E.

-R-    -   -   -   -    Top
Radio Flyer
Raging Bull
Raid on Antimbee
Ranch Party - Tex Ritter
Ranch Party Round-Up
Rare Breed, The
Rat Patrol
Rescue 8
Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (1986)
Return of the Apple Dumpling Gang, The
Riverside Rancho
Robert Kennedy & His Times
Rockford Files

-S-    -   -   -   -    Top
Salem's Lot
Sawyer and Finn
Scalplock (1966)
Sergeant Pepper and His Lonely Hearts Club Band
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Shaggie D.A.
Shakiest Gun in the West, The
Sheriff Who
Shootist, The
Sierra (Tails You Lose)
Silver City
Silver Streak
Smokey and the Bandit
Smokey and the Bandit II
Space Balls
Spade Coolie Santa Monica Ballroom Show
Spade Coolie Show
Spin and Marty
St. Elsewhere
Stagecoach (1986)
Stalag 17
Star Trek
Starsky and Hutch
Sting, The
Story of Lincoln, The
Story of Truman, The
Streets of Laredo
Sunday Morning
Sunset Carson Movies
Support your Local Sheriff
Sweet Ride
Swing Shift

-T-    -   -   -   -    Top
T.J. Hooker
That Girl
They Shoot Horses Don't They
Three Musketeers, The
Three the Hard Way
Time Tunnel
To Be or Not To Be
To Catch a Thief
To Tell the Truth
Tom Horn
Tony Randell Show, The
Tora! Tora! Tora!
Towering Inferno
Train, The
Travis MacGee (Sam Elliot)
Twilight Zone
Two Minute Warning

-U-    -   -   -   -    Top
Up from the Beach

-V-    -   -   -   -    Top
Van Nuys Blvd.
Virginian, The
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Voyager - 83

-W-    -   -   -   -    Top
Waco (1966)
Wagon Train
Waltons, The
War Wagon, The
West Wing, The
Western Varieties
Westerner, The
What's Happening
White Buffalo
Who is the Black Dalia
Wild Bill Hickok
Wild Bunch, The
Wild Wild West, The
Winchester 72
Winds of War, The
Wonder Woman

-XYZ-    -   -   -   -    Top
Young Fury

These were photographed during the origination and beginning show for the Universal Studio Tour in March 1965.  This has since expanded to what is known today as The Universal City Walk and Tours.

Hank Colea (white t-shirt) throws a right cross to Stephen’s chin.  Hank retired from stunts and is now a Judge for the California Courts.


Tour of "The Old West"
Stephen would like to take you back in time, so that you might experience a couple of the places that Stephen, his Dad, and many other actors/actress made movies and TV shows...

Smiley Point
Our first stop is rather special to Stephen, because it was originally named after his father. It was “Smiley Point”. It got that name because Smiley was the only person to be able to pull his rig up the steep terrain to the top of the point. It is now known as “Paradise Point”. You may recognize it as the location where Jim Rockford (James Garner) parked his trailer in the “Rockford Files”. Stephen was in a number of episodes of the “Rockford Files”, which was filmed at Universal Studios under Cherokee Productions.

Stephen at "Smiley Point", now "Paradise Cove"

Smiley Point and Restaurant

Smiley Point

Corriganville Movie Ranch
The next stop is “Corriganville Movie Ranch”. Stephen in the 1960’s and 70’s, would go down to Corriganville and do fast draw work with Max Terhune, and sometimes Ray “Crash” Corrigan. Max was an old friend of the family and credits Smiley with helping him get a start in Hollywood. “Crash” Corrigan and Max were part of the threesome known as the “Three Mesquiteers”.

From the pictures you can see what Corriganville looked like before being burned down.

Then you can see Corriganville, as it appears today. 

What's left of the Barn

Stephen by the Barn

Stephen and friend, Bill Eaton, by the Barn

“Corriganville Movie Ranch” is now protected and resides within a State Park. Also included in the photos, is a picture of the Train Depot, which has been restored. It was used in many movies.

Santa Susanna Railroad Depot

Chatsworth Tunnel
Our last stop on this tour is the famous tunnel used in numerous westerns and movies. Stephen knows it well, not only from his own film work, but from Smiley’s as well. You can see it in many films, such as “In Old Monterey” and “The Call of the Canyon”. The tunnel was known as the "Chatsworth Tunnel" which goes under "Topanga Canyon Road". The tunnel made it easy to film scenes, and many camera operators today, known as Directors of Photography (DP), loved the tunnel for the scenic quality it provided to films. The location of the tunnel was also perfect, which is just across the road from the entrance to Iverson Ranch and over the hill from Corriganville. This made it much easier to keep a Production on schedule.

Chatsworth Tunnel

Stephen and friend, Bill Eaton, on the tracks leading away from the tunnel

Well, we hope you liked the tour of our version of...

 "The Old West".